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    Powerful Web services

    You want your employees can work together at different locations, using wide range of hardware and software?

    The progressive automation of processes and the increasing cooperation of departments and organisations in local networks and the Internet causes a growing pressure of innovation and cost in all companies and in all industries. A company that is worsening in his efforts, can quickly lose the connection to the market participants.

    Denapp plans and implements Web services for you that expose data and functionality via the Internet, for example with OData.

    Individual Web presences

    Present your company successful on the Internet. Denapp creates your modern, professional and individually designed website and offers far more than static templates. We plan and implement even sophisticated functions, preferably using ASP.Net / MVC, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

    Using various techniques, we optimize the load times of your sites and customize the content for better positions in search engines.

    Connected Clients

    On request, Denapp also adopts operation, maintenance and backup of your websites. We host your site on our hardware and perform changes for you, while you concentrate on your daily business.

    Do you have further questions? Contact us.
    We advise you gladly!